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A New & Exciting, Patent Pending,

Form of Social Media Apps 

Social media apps may very well be one of the greatest inventions of all time. That's why we are very proud to announce a uniquely different type of social media app. An app that takes will take us back in time, to the way social apps should allow people to interact with one another.


Our new breed of social media apps connects members who are kindred spirits, members with similar interests and/or hobbies. And our new social media spits out those who attempt to join our app with bad intent, for the sole purpose of making money off of the backs of our members. Imagine not being pestered by non-stop advertisements, or worrying constantly about who is communicating with your children, who is cyberbullying, who is trying to manipulate elections, who is trying to recruit terrorists. 

If social media apps were used as they were originally intended, who knows what incredible growth in the way we communicate with one another would have seen. Instead, social media apps took a sharp left-hand turn, shortly after leaving the gate, as a result of investors' grimy hands taking control of the development of social media. Instead of using the technologies that were at the forefront of innovating social media apps, to improve users experience, guiding mantra for social media apps was twisted and mangled, so that social media's purpose went from improving the way we communicate and share information to maximizing dividends for our shareholders through the sale of as much advertising space as possible and the inclusion of business pages and misguided membership groups being allowed to trample over the rights of the regular users, the ones' that put social media on the map. The mother, fathers, grandparents and grandkids, that social media apps were originally built for.

The very nature of the business world, will never allow for a return of social media apps to what they were once on track to be. There's too much money to be made by continuing to bastardize social media apps. That's why BumOne, and soon other social media apps like BumOne were invented. Given the present state of the typical social media app, we realized that an abrupt change needed to take place in the world of social media apps, if we were ever to enjoy social media the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. We have eliminated the troublemakers, rabble rouses, and business interests from our new media app design. Our new social media invention, will turn the ugly social media apps that control the marketplace on their heads. Because, we figured out where the holes are in social media apps, and we plugged them up.

Next, throw into your analysis the undeniable power that the social media industry possesses, isn't it fair to state that social media companies today, are far more powerful than big tobacco ever was?

Then, take a few minutes to examine just some of the damage, outlined below, that social media companies directly inflict upon society, without restraint, or ramifications to its management, boards of directors, and founders. Keep in mind, their actions are not like the slowly evolving understanding by medical science, that took generations to comprehend, about the dangers of tobacco product use.

Much to the contrary, people who own and operate social media apps cannot reasonably argue that they are unaware of the damage that their products have caused and continue to cause billions of people.

  • A social media app who's newly minted billionaire founders wanted to attend to the needs of their app members. (You know, the members who are required to share personal details, for the primary purpose of giving app advertisers an easier time keying-in on the right app members to target with their advertisements, or;

  • An app that's number one agenda was not to increase membership, or;

  • An app that adequately screened new members, to weed out bad intentioned members, who are a detriment to other app users, or;

  • An app that did not evoke a sense of constant fear in the hearts of parents, who's children are members of the app, or;

  • An app that did not allow bad people to join, bad people who's only intention when joining is to group with other bad people, for the purpose of causing injuries to innocent people, not just in the US, but worldwide, or;

  • An app that chose not to be responsible, through their technology and institutional failings, to creating groups who's actions include, the recruitment of vulnerable children (and adults) to join groups who's only purpose is to cause injuries to innocent people, or;

  • An app that was not responsible for playing a direct role in a new vernacular, through the coining of phrases, such as "cyberbullying."

We all know that there is no end to the list of dangers magnified by social media apps, whether they be intentional, and/or reckless actions of people that want more money, never for philanthropic purposes, but as part of a bizarre competition to be the wealthiest people in the world - at ANY cost.

The founders of BumOne, like most people, are sick of the misuse and abuse of social media apps, which could but for the greed of a few people, could be one the greatest, and most influential inventions of all time. That's one of the reasons why we have created BumOne, and one the reasons why the BumOne new generation of social media apps is pending patent approval at the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"), and at USPTO's international counterparts agencies.  

BumOne is designed specifically to connect tobacco aficionados, members identify themselves as either a Bummer or a Bummee with their geographic location on inserted into a map. This app is designed to be used only in public, well lighted areas. Bummers and Bummees will not share personal information, online, until they are ready to do so, eliminating contact from scammy, misguided, or unkind people.


These new social apps, such as BumOne are NOT designed to generate large memberships of people work very different ideas and beliefs, that ultimately lead to cyberbullying (a word created thanks to poorly designed social apps), scams, and other anger caused by both negligent and intentional communications. 

Thus, these applications will be setup, so that admin can take an active role in protecting members. Admin will actively oversee communications between members, instead of passing the buck, and misusing "freedom of speech," as a tool for making money by having an unlimited amount of unregulated members doing what most sensible people believe is trillions of dollars of damage to the world. Admin will limit the ability of members to "write freehand" by better use of multiple choice and drop-down menus, with pre-written statements. Of course, if a member believes that an additional option should be added for communication, the member will submit their concept to admin to review and add as an option.

However, perhaps more importantly, there is an ulterior mission behind the development of BumOne. Presently, there are no large scale groups of tobacco users, that have joined together to protect the rights of tobacco users. Tobacco manufacturers have successfully started smaller groups, however given that there are over 30 million smokers in the US, and over 1.5 billion globally, efforts to form such groups have only scratched the surface. The ulterior mission of BumOne is to utilize the BumOne app to connect as many tobacco users as possible to a central hub.


A central hub is needed, because without it, there is no other way to create communication tools such as this website and the BumOne app, that can use available technology to invigorate a limitlesssly large group of tobacco users to join together. Creating a group, that was not started by a tobacco manufacture, is critical to removing bias from the cries of foul that we anticipate will be heaped upon us by anti-smoking activists, and groups.


Despite the angry and misguided missiles, we anticipate the anti-tobacco industry to launch at us, our intention is to remain cool and composed. We will not participate in angry rhetorical exchanges with these groups, like other tobacco user groups have done in the past. Why? Because if this unique Social Media app, does as we believe it can do, to grow a HUGE groups of likeminded tobacco users into one unified front, there will be no need to play the finger pointing game with those groups. We can very easily outnumber them, if tobacco users learn about BumOne, and join with us.

With a few swings of the hammer of free-speech for all, and a groundswell of tobacco user rights learning about BumOne, we can build the largest and most powerful lobbying group in the world. By joining BumOne, and sticking together as equal members, we will have a loud voice across all political divides.

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